Tips for using a Cologne

Men generally don’t apply cologne or perfume in the right way. If a person does not know the art of applying cologne then either it is over-sprayed or it vanishes very quickly. Many times men generally spray perfume before stepping out of the house which is a very wrong way to apply cologne or perfume. And the worst part is that the men generally don’t buy their fragrance. A perfume is a very important part of the men’s apparel in case it is chosen properly as it makes a person more confident and attractive which helps in a better presentation in front of the people around us.

If perfume and cologne are so important then why only a few people, which is approximately 36% of the total men use perfume in their daily lives. There are possibilities that it might be because of the lack of education. We will now discuss in this article, some of how one can properly store, apply or purchase perfume or cologne.

How to apply a perfume properly:

Tips on using Cologne

One of the major problems that men face in the case of using perfumes is its over-application. We all know somebody or the other who applies more perfume to smell good and to avoid being the “somebody” we must know the proper ways of applying a perfume properly. One must always spray the perfume strategically to make the perfume stay for the entire day. Here are some of how one can apply perfume:

● Applying the perfume on dry skin, right after a shower: Shower cleanses the body and makes the pores open, which helps them to absorb the scent easily. The scent should be sprayed on the area of the skin which is completely dried.

● The bottle of the perfume should be held at a distance of about 3 to 6 inches from the body: The distance of the bottle from the body should be appropriate as if the bottle is placed far more, then there are chances that the perfume is not sprayed at all and if the bottle is placed nearer to the body there are chances of over-application.

● The perfume should always be sprayed on the heated areas of the body: The heated areas of the body helps the perfume to diffuse properly which helps the perfume to mix it with the signature scent of one’s body and to stay for a longer period. Heated areas of the body are inner elbows, neck, pulse points, forearm and chest.

● The perfume should be very light in the first application: A beginner should not apply perfume in all the mentioned parts of the body. The application should be on anyone part of the body which is then heated part of the body if the scent vanishes quickly then some other heated part of the body should be selected for the next application.

● Reapplication of perfume is not a problem: In case you are going for an evening party, then before stepping out of the house a little dab of perfume will help it to stay for a longer period. The perfume should be dabbed on the pulse point.

Some of the common mistakes that a person makes while applying perfume.

There are some mistakes that a person makes while they use perfume or cologne in their daily life if they try to avoid these mistakes the bottle of the perfume lasts a little longer. A person should keep these points in mind, that are listed below while using a perfume:

● You should never spray perfume or cologne on your clothes: If you spray perfume directly on your clothes then it will not be able to mix with your signature scent which gives the cologne a unique blend of scents. If the fragrance is sprayed on the clothes the period of the cologne is also reduced and for some fabrics, colognes are very harmful and hence the same should be avoided.

● You should not splash the perfume directly on your skin: If the bottle of the perfume does not have a nozzle to spray, the entire thing should not be splashed on the skin rather a finger should be placed on the opening of the bottle and then should be dabbed on the heated parts of the body.

● You should not try spraying some and then walk through the sprayed perfume: This is one of the most useless methods of applying cologne in which nothing is being sprayed on the skin rather everything is being sprayed on the floor. In this method, the cologne ends up being wasted or is over-applied, hence one should never opt for this method of application of a perfume.

● You should not rub the cologne on your skin: Rubbing the cologne would lead the scent to fade away. If you are not willing to spray cologne on your skin you can simply try dabbing it on your skin and not running.

● Do not apply too much cologne: Men’s perfume is something which is quite strong and generally stays for a longer period but if the same is over applied it would lead to headaches or a disturbance to think and hence the same should be applied in moderation.

Ways in which you can make your perfume to last:

Best smelling cologne all time should be kept in a dark drawer where there is no sunlight and should be kept in its original box only which helps it to last for a longer period. The different changes in the temperature also reduce the span of the cologne. It is advisable not to store your perfume and cologne in your bathroom and car where there is a change in the temperature very quickly which leads to spoiling the quality of the cologne. If the bottle of perfume and cologne is kept with good care then the same can be used regularly for a longer period.

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